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HOMEWARD BOUND - ADOPTED - now living happily in Lincoln, NE!

Taiyo was rescued from one of the US top Horrible Puppy mills. He came to HUA with Yoshe and Koji, a puppy with severe hip and limb deformities due to irresponsible breeding. Taiyo and Yoshe both had terrible dental disease and mites and infections in their ears. Both are missing parts of their ears, in all likelihood due to flies eating away at them. Taiyo is now in good health, and the loveliest young man. He is very playful but also affectionate and loves all people. He is a funny, silly guy with a ton of character. Everyone remarks on his good nature and we are so grateful that his time in the mill did not damage his psyche. Taiyo is was too excited about life to let that nasty place define him and he is ready now for a home to call his own.
Homeward Bound
23 lbs