HOMEWARD BOUND - ADOPTED - now living happily in Lincoln, NE!

Crosby was found very close to the shelter, wandering about town looking confused and in need of some help. He is a funny, sweet, easy going boy who cannot get over his good fortune. You see, here at HUA we have toys, and Crosby is a huge fan of those things. He gets to play with however many he wants, whenever he wants to. He is having so much fun tearing about the yards and meeting all the new people that he thinks are fantastic. Crosby is part bunny rabbit. You would never be able to tell that from just looking at him, but his bunny bouncing is epic and has become one of our favorites things in the world. Crosby has a roommate that he dotes upon, but we have noticed that there are some dogs he just does not prefer. He can be a bit of a fussbudget when choosing new friends, but once he likes another dog, he likes him forever. He is a super cute little guy who will get along in a home like he's been there forever.
Homeward Bound
15 lbs