An emergency call came in to the HUA office early last week.  A family living in a town just west of the shelter had to move unexpectedly, and they were forced to abandon their dogs.  To make matters worse, two of the three adult dogs were brand new mothers, nursing a grand total of nine puppies.  Human family members stepped in to help these little dog families and called HUA for assistance.  Staff members drove to the house where the big group of tiny babes was waiting and tucked them carefully into clean, comfortable kennels with soft blankets.  When they arrived at the shelter, the new residents were quickly surrounded by staff and volunteers wanting to get a glimpse. One litter appeared to be about four weeks old and the other only two weeks old.

Not much later, the family called the shelter for the second time.  A tenth puppy was on its way! The darling chocolate-colored fellow was given a bottle as soon as he arrived. He was then reunited with his mama, who was very relieved to have her brood all in one place.  We have dubbed them The Cowpokes and named all of the little cuties appropriately.

b2ap3_thumbnail_pupsj.jpg    b2ap3_thumbnail_baby1.jpg



The adults appear to be Yorkie mixes, but the babies are anyone's guess.  They are a colorful bunch, sweet and fuzzy and absolutely adorable.   Three of them are runts and need bottle supplementation in addition to nursing, so our human foster parents are staying quite busy.

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Sawyer, the only adult male, will see the vet once he gains some weight and is healthy enough to be neutered.  After the wee ones have been weaned, mothers Bess and Bonnie will be spayed so they never again have to endure the pain and danger of pregnancy and childbirth.

Naturally, we are charmed by these sweet families.  Puppies are always precious. However, it is our hope that more people will respond to the pet overpopulation problem by refusing to bring more dogs into the world--and choosing instead to help the thousands of unwanted street and shelter dogs to find homes of their own.

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Bess and Bonnie would greatly appreciate your donation to help care for their tiny children.  Lots of attention and effort will go into keeping them healthy and eventually placing them in loving forever homes.


We extend our heartfelt gratitude for your generous contributions that make these missions of mercy possible.