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Buddy Messages (1)
Her Buddy, Barbara Taylor, from Exeter, NH, sent her this message: "Hi Edessa, read that like your pal Elden, you've had a HORRIBLE life! That is VERY WRONG! Last April, we lost our precious Mason, who like you was adopted, but unlike you, he was so lucky to have known LOVE his entire life. Were he still w/ us, he could tell you that. His last human had to give him up, not because she didn't love him, but because she DID, but could no longer care for him. The wonderful people at HUA will show you, because THEY ARE THE BEST! Mason, if he could would also tell you that it IS A good thing! Hope your Dachshund Buddy, Elden, can also learn what LOVE is, too, and that you find a Forever Home, as Mason did, that it is something worth learning about. We were so privileged to have had the chance to share life w/ Mason since 2007. He as a dear boy, as I'm sure you are a very dear girl!." Edessa sends Barbara many grateful kisses and tail wags!