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HOMEWARD BOUND - ADOPTED - now living happily in Bellevue, NE!

Edessa came from a an awful puppy mill in Nebraska. We have rescued hundreds of dogs from this mill and there are almost always devastating social and medical issues. Although Edessa's medical problems centered only on a bunch of rotten and infected teeth, her emotional problems were severe. She was terrified when she arrived. Two of our incredible volunteers took a special interest in this beautiful little lady, and she has made enormous strides. We are very proud of her for being so brave and venturing way beyond her comfort zone. Edessa now loves to mingle during recess and her best buddy is another Dachshund, Elden, who is great at wandering as well. She is a gentle, quiet girl who will treasure a home of her own. Her people will want to continue with gentle socialization to ensure that Edessaa lives the happiest life possible.
Homeward Bound
14 lbs