HOMEWARD BOUND - ADOPTED - now living happily in Omaha, NE!

Gorilla was in an overcrowded shelter in Alabama when hurricanes ravaged the Carolinas and Florida. Dogs in shelters were moved out to make room for newly displaced family pets and this awesome boy made his way to HUA. Gorilla, known affectionately as "Handsome" by his favorite volunteers, is adorable. He is super loving and thrives on human attention and affection. He is the best buddy to his roommate Wandy and the two of them have a great time making up fun games with one another. Gorilla loves toys and will show off his "Sit" and "Stay" skills as he waits for one to be thrown for him. We must assume that Gorilla was never leash trained -- he thinks he must hold the leash in his mouth and stand in one spot. Although hilarious, we are ridding Gorilla of this habit and he is learning what it means to take nice long walks safely tethered to a person. Gorilla would love to be part of an active family that will include him in all the fun activities.
Homeward Bound
67 lbs