Maynard was rescued from a horrible puppy mill. Dogs there lived in mud up to their elbows. They had never been socialized and were terrified of human beings. Staff and volunteers worked relentlessly to help these poor creatures understand kindness and care. Maynard is as stunning a dog as one will ever see. While very frightened and reserved when he arrived at HUA, we could see right away that he had an incredibly sweet nature. He has become easy to leash and even playful, and now loves to take walks in the yards. He loves romping freely as well and we cannot believe that this older gentleman has become as carefree as he has. Maynard is still a bit cautious about being touched by humans, but he is more tolerant if another dog is present. This beautiful creature will do great in a quieter home with people that will not place too many expectations on him. He deserves to have a happy, contented retirement after the awful life he lived prior to his rescue.
German Shepherd
77 lbs