Jake was brought to the shelter by his owner, who was in a dangerous place and needed for Jake and two other dogs to be protected in our Tia's Place program. Sadly, Jake's person was unable to recover well enough to bring her dogs home, and asked that we place them up for adoption to give them the best chance at a new life. When Jakey arrived, he growled and barked at all of us. He was so distraught and confused, so sad and afraid. We are quite taken aback and nobody was comfortable approaching him. His caregiver, Rachel, swooped in, picked him up and said to him, "For Pete's sake, Jakey, I am not scared of you and you do not mean that," at which point Jake settled into her arms with heavy sighs and droopy eyelids. The rest of us just stood there with our jaws on the floor, but Rachel knew this little man was just scared and was putting on quite the show. Jakey continues to growl at us, all the while kissing us all over our faces. Rachel says they're happy growls and he just likes to talk. We are amused by this funny little complicated boy. He loves going on walks and really likes playing with the other dogs. He has become a much happier fellow, but needs to be back in a safe, loving home.
Lhasa Apso
14 lbs