Jax was purchased as a puppy from a pet store. After three years, his people no longer had time for him, and Jax went to live with relatives. He was very happy there, but then a human baby came along. When that baby reached toddler age, and Jax was ten years old, he became grouchy with the child. He no longer had the patience of a young dog and he was uncomfortable with the activity level. Jax is a super cutie. He gets along well with the other little dogs and walks very nicely on his leash. He can be grumbly when asked to do something he would prefer not to, but we think he has the right to complain on occasion. He is happiest sitting next to a person he loves on the sofa, or snoozing at the foot of the bed. He asks for attention sweetly, and loves a good ear scratch. Jax wants to find his forever home very much. He will be so happy to be part of a nice, quiet family.

Photos courtesy of Minda Haas-Kuhlmann
Shih Tzu
12 lbs