Emma Grayce

The look in her eyes told us everything we needed to know. Emma Grayce had been abused and neglected. Two good samaritans found her on the side of the road after she had been hit by a car. Having nowhere else to turn, they brought this poor broken dog to Hearts United for Animals. Emma Grayce had a nasty infection on her belly, scrapes down her right side, a very swollen and painful left leg, an injury to one of her ears, and whipworms. It was clear that she had been bred. We shudder to think of what became of her puppies. With lots of rest, attention, medical treatment, and love, Emma has blossomed into the sweetest, most grateful girl. She adores romping about in the big years and is a perfect angel on her leash. Emma does well with larger dogs, and long walks with her dog buddies are her favorite things.
Staffordshire Bull Terrier
59 lbs