HOMEWARD BOUND - ADOPTED - now living happily in Auburn, NE!

If you were to search for information on Bichons, you would find descriptive words such as: self-assured, cheery, happy, playful, content, loves human company, bold, lively and naturally sociable. Due to severe neglect and abuse Fifi suffered at the hands of a puppy miller, she is none of those things. Rather, she is just plain terrified. Her heart and spirit have been shattered. She does not know how to respond to love. She does not understand toys. She cannot fathom the kindness of a human's touch. We have had many Bichons from mills pass through our doors and all of them started off almost as bad as Fifi. They are highly sensitive and extremely smart and will not be fooled by humans. The good news is that they have all responded beautifully to socialization and are now the happiest little creatures. Fifi is starting to turn some corners and we expect that she, too, will be shining brightly and displaying a silly little Bichon grin as soon as she decides we are worthy. We very much would like to find her a home so that she can continue her progress safe in the arms of her loving family.
Homeward Bound
14 lbs