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Buddy Messages (5)
Her Buddy, Suzanne Riggle, from Chicago, IL, sent her this message: "Hi L'Oreal! I am so happy to be your buddy while you wait for your forever home. I know they love you at HUA, but I can't wait to hear the good news that you have been adopted by a wonderful family! I'm sending you hugs!" L'Oreal thanks Suzanne for the hugs and sends back many grateful kisses and happy tail wags!
Her Buddy, Stacy Small from Asheville, NC, sent her this message: "Hi L'oreal - You are so beautiful and sweet!! I wish you could come and live with me, but since I can't do that right now I want to do the next best thing and be your buddy!! Love, Stacy Small" L'Oreal sends Stacy lots of happy tail wags and little kisses of thanks!
Her Buddies, Jill (human), Jean-Claude & Juliette (canine) Aurand, from Lincoln, Nebraska sent her this message: "We're so sorry you were with such horrible people, but we are so glad you are finally somewhere where you can find a great home. Your luck is turning for the better, and soon you'll have a great new home where you will be loved forever. Jean-Claude, Juliette and Jill" L'Oreal sends the Aurand family many grateful happy kisses.