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Dew is a member of the Kenna family. He actually has four brothers and sisters, but there are two adoptive siblings that moved in and were welcomed and nurtured by Kenna. The puppies are so much alike that it is impossible to tell which ones were adopted. The whole family came from a place where people were trying to help dogs, but the number of animals became overwhelming.

Life is all fun and games now for this young family. The babies appear to be very similar in such qualities as health and temperament, and they’re all very intelligent. At the age of six weeks, they weigh around two pounds, and Mother Kenna weighs fifteen pounds. Kenna is a wonderful mother and is a very loving dog; she sits on her bottom to ask to be picked up and even walks in her back two legs for attention!

The puppies will be ready to leave home when they are twelve weeks old and have braved their trip to the veterinary hospital.
Bichon/Shih Tzu
15 lbs