Louie is a very sweet boy who loves people with all of his big heart. Louie has had an amazing journey in the past 5 years. He was rescued as a puppy from Hurricane Katrina. Soon after he was adopted to a family who loved him very much. Louie grew up adoring his family, his house and especially the children. As the children grew older they started to have friends over quite a bit. Louie became protective of his loved ones and the family became too busy to spend time with him and work with him to teach him that visitors are OK. Now Louie is at the shelter, and while it isn't the same as a home of his very own he is making the best of it. He loves his caregivers and the fun things they plan for him. He adores having his ears and tummy rubbed and romps happily around his big yard. We can tell that Louie would like to be back in a home environment with his very own people to dote on and adore. We see sadness in his eyes for what he has lost. Louie is a wonderful boy who is completely devoted, giving his heart and soul to those he loves. He is potty trained and very mild mannered. Although Louie has nice conversations with the other dogs in his condo, he would prefer to be the only dog in his new home.
German Shepherd mix
50 lbs