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Buddy Messages (3)
Judy Vana from Lincoln, NE, has become sweet Nova's new buddy!

Nova sends happy wags and hugs and kisses to Judy and thanks her for her support!
Her Buddies, the Martin Family, from Saratoga Springs, NY, sent her this message: "So glad you finally made it to freedom, Nova! You're such a pretty, special girl and you have a special place in the hearts of our family. Enjoy your freedom and master the art of hanging out! You deserve it. Sending lots of love your way! Love, The Martin Family and our own Bichons, Lacey, Lancelot, and Logan." Nova sends the Martins, including Lacey, Lancelot and Logan many grateful, gentle kisses and cuddles!
His Buddy, Brenna Romano, from West Palm Beach, Florida, sent him this message: \"Hi Nova ~ Enjoy your new life as a couch potato, you deserve to kick back and relax after all those hard years. Doggie kisses from our pack - Nutley, Mickey, Ellie, Abbie & Grace - Love, Brenna\" Nova sends Brenna, Nutley, Mickey, Ellie, Abbie & Grace many happy, grateful hugs and kisses.