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Buddy Messages (3)
His buddies, the News Link staff in Lincoln, NE, sent him this message:

"Donovan! You are going to make someone, or some family, very happy! We just know it. We are glad you found your way to HUA, where you will be safe and healthy until your forever family finds you. Everyone at News link sends you smiles, warmth and love."

Donovan sends all of his buddies super duper big hugs and grateful kisses for their support!
His Buddy, Cat Newman, from Lincoln, Nebraska, sent him this message: \"Donovan, I would be honored if you would be my buddy!! In loving memory of Bo, a shepard mix like you, who passed suddenly on New Years Ev. Hope to visit you soon!! XOXO\" Donovan sends Cat many grateful kisses and hugs as well as condolences on the passing of Bo. Donovan loves company and welcomes you to come visit Cat.
His Buddy, Daneen Gleason, from Lees Summit, Missouri, sent him this message: \"Dear Donovan, I have heard what a loving, dedicating, loyal young man you are. I hope one day soon someone special will take you home and play ball with you every day.\" Donovan sends Daneen many happy, grateful hugs and kisses.