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Buddy Messages (5)
His Buddy, Barbara Floodman, from Shrewsbury, MO, sent him this message: "Dear Ozzie, I have a puppy mill Chinese Crested named Boogee, and he does not like other dogs either. Boogee and I pray that you will soon be adopted and snuggling under the blankets, like Boogee does every night. Your haircut is lovely! Just like my little boy's. May you go home soon. Love, Barbara and Boogee!!!" Ozzie sends Barbara lots of cuddles and hugs, and hopes he is as lucky as Boogee and finds a wonderful home, too!
His Buddy, Jackie Lingenfelter, from Fayetteville, North Carolina, sent him this message: \"I think Ozzie is a beautiful dog and deserves his forever home soon.\" Ozzie sends Jackie many happy, grateful kisses and hugs.
His Buddies, Jill and Jeff Pyeatt, from Kansas City, Missouri, sent him this message: \"Hi Ozzie! You are so cute and I\'m sure you\'ll find a wonderful home soon.\" Ozzie sends Jill and Jeff many happy, grateful kisses and hugs.