Poor Ozzie has had it pretty rough in his short life so far. Besides being bald and having a bad comb over resulting in perpetual bad hair days, he was mistreated and neglected. He was kept outdoors chained 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in a town in Texas. When he was finally rescued he was found to be heart worm positive. Soon he was on his way to HUA where his rescuers knew he would be safe, loved and well cared for. Ozzie came through his heart worm treatment ok and is doing great. He loves being indoors with his warm blankets and sweaters when it is cold (which is much of the time in Nebraska). Ozzie has a great deal of energy and is a spunky, happy young man. He is so grateful to be rescued! He doesn't care much for the company of other dogs but he loves the people. He even lets us do goofy things with his hair. He can't wait for his favorite friends to come visit and give him loving and play time. Ozzie is a super fun dog...just so entertaining! Ozzie has heard stories about how Chinese Hairless Crested dogs get entered into the ugliest dog competitions on Animal Planet, and he thinks he would prefer not to participate in anything like that. He would rather have people who will boost his ego and tell him he is beautiful, in spite of the fact that he is follically challenged.
Chinese Hairless Crested
17 lbs