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HOMEWARD BOUND - ADOPTED - now living happily in Burnsville, MN!

Elden was transported by his illustrious breeder in the back of a truck during an ice storm. It was probably the most comfortable he had ever been considering he must have known that his hellish life was in for a change. He was so scared when we got him home to the shelter, so confused about this new place and these humans who wanted to touch him. He had never been touched with kindness and did not trust that human hands would not hurt him. Thanks to two very dedicated and loving volunteers and his wonderful caregivers, Elden has come to realize that this place is filled with love. He is not quite sure what love is, but he knows it is good. He has made good friends with Edessa, who came from a different place but a place of horror nonetheless. Like her, he is quiet and observant. Elden needs a family who will understand that he may never be a typical Dachshund, which some may find refreshing. He is a beautiful little boy who yearns to trust and deserves to be shown how.
Homeward Bound
13 lbs