Huntley came to HUA with two other lovely dogs, surrendered by their owner who advised one of our directors that if we did not take them in, he would either shoot them or dump them. It was 100 degrees that day. Obviously we were horrified. We ushered Huntley and his pals right on in the door and ushered that awful man right out the door. Huntley is all about the fun things in life. He ia a happy boy who is delighted by all of the great things at HUA. He loves playing one-sided fetch - just loves it! - so we must have a huge stockpile of toys for this event. We are trying to teach him to actually bring them back to us once he's caught them, but Huntley thinks it much more fun his way. He is a funny, active guy who appreciates everything he's been given. He is devoted to people and wants to please. He will be an awesome addition to a family who likes to enjoy the good things in life and wants to bring him with them!
German Shorthaired Pointer
42 lbs