Few dogs have ever had so much love and support pour out from across the nation as Catherine has had. Her story was a nightmare at the beginning when she was found out wandering trying to survive on her own. Kind people tried to help her, but Catherine could not keep her food down. When she came to HUA, she had not been able to eat for five days, and she was nothing but skin and bones. During her numerous trips to veterinary specialists, it was learned that Catherine was pregnant and that her problem was caused by a genetic defect that constricted her esophagus so that food could not easily pass to her stomach. She had aspirate pneumonia and a bad infestation of parasites. Catherine was put on round-the-clock small liquid feedings sitting upright in a Bailey Chair. Miraculously, she gave birth to seven fat, healthy puppies and after their nurturing, Catherine herself gained thirty pounds and was able to undergo the very delicate surgery that would enlarge her esophagus by 75%. Catherine’s babies, all as sweet as their mother, were adopted, and Catherine is now able to eat liquid food placed on a chair while she is standing. Catherine has a lovely personality, extremely devoted to people, well behaved and trained. Her house manners are impeccable, and she loves leash walks. She needs to be an only dog because she cannot be tempted to eat other dogs’ food or treats. She requires some powdered fiber in her food to aid elimination, but otherwise, her care is simple, and she is a delightful companion dog. If you have such a home to offer Catherine, we would love to hear from you, and we think you would find her company most rewarding.
Labrador Mix
50 lbs