Grizzly was brought to the shelter by his family, who said they were moving to a new place and were not allowed to bring him along. This poor, gentle, loving animal was an absolute horror when he arrived. He has gorgeous long fur, but it was a matted mess. Two caregivers spent hours shaving it all off as there was nothing else they could do. Grizzly patiently relaxed on a blanket and let his people do their work, as if knowing he was now being taken care of and soon he would feel like a new man. Underneath his fur he was covered in fleas and ticks, and a mysterious deep wound was found on his back. We could have wept at the neglect Grizzly had suffered. However, his coat has grown in beautifully and he is an incredibly nice guy. He is mellow, laid back and easy going with all of the other big dogs and adults. Grizz does not, however, much care for children and therefore must be placed in a home without young ones or the possibility of future young ones. We're not sure what happened in his past to cause this issue, but we want Grizzly to be happy and for his new family to be safe and free to love on him all they want.
Newfoundland Mix
82 lbs