Hudson came to HUA after being found as a stray and turned in to the local pound. He tested positive for heartworm disease, was given treatment and brought to us so that we could see him through the grueling process of recovery. Hudson seriously did NOT enjoy his treatment, as part of it meant keeping still and being confined. He is a people dog and we had to make sure that we visited him often to keep his spirits up. He is finally done and will have one more test to make sure those nasty heartworms have been eliminated. Hudson is thrilled to able to play, roll in the grass, slop in the water and hang out with his friends. He follows us everywhere and is quickly learning great tricks to make sure we know that he quite a smarty pants. Hudson is a great dog. He will keep his family members entertained at all times, as long as he is allowed to spend lots and lots and lots of time with them.
Labrador Retriever
57 lbs