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Buddy Messages (1)
His buddy, Jessica Keysar, sent him this message:

"Hi Benji...
My name is Jessie and I'm very happy to have you as my new Buddy.
I know that you like peace and quiet, just like I do. I would be going to the airport right now if I were allowed pets in my bldg. We would make a good pair.
In the meantime, I will be sending you lots of fun with your friends, tons of love and many hugs and kisses.
I think you're amazing for knowing yourself so well and know what you need in a forever home/family.
Someday soon the perfect person will come along, scoop you up and you will be on your way to the peace and quiet of your own special forever family/home.
You're a very special little guy who deserves all the best life has to offer.
Love you lots...

Benji sends Jessie adoring hugs and kisses and is so very grateful to have her as his buddy!