Disco has had enough bad luck in his life. He came to the HUA shelter when he was just a young lad who had been dumped off in a factory parking lot. He was a nice kid then, didn’t have an enemy in the world, ran and played and enjoyed his time at the shelter. He was soon adopted, but when his family moved to a new home where he couldn’t go, he was brought back to the shelter. The poor little guy was beside himself with grief and just did not understand what he had done wrong. As a result, Disco had a few chips on his shoulder and didn't want to engage in the fun. He has made great strides and although he occasionally objects to being picked up, he does enjoy his lap time and is seeking us out more every day. He’s a good boy at heart. He loves to go out to the big play yards, and he has a good time with his canine companions. Disco needs a home where he knows he will be loved forever, and he will return that love ten-fold.
Rat Terrier
13 lbs