This precious lady was transferred to us from another rescue group approximately quite a few years ago. She came out of a horrible mill situation and was skittish, frightened and completely unsocialized.
Sadly, some dogs come to HUA so damaged that we must work with them for a very long time before they are ready for adoption. Some dogs are never ready, and that is OK with us. They will stay here forever and we will make them as happy and comfortable as we possibly can. Blossom did not show progress for quite a while. She did make a wonderful friend in Cicely, another "mature" Cocker, but never really made any close human friends. Recently, we moved her to our Central Care room where she could live among several other dogs needing extra help and be a constant part of the staff and volunteer daily activities. Lo and behold has this girl come out of her shell! We call her "our little hoarder." Blossom has decided that everything now belongs to her. She borrows every single thing she can get her paws on - rugs, dishes, toys, blankets, collars - you name it, she takes it and stores it in her own personal crate to sleep upon. We are in awe of who she has become and everyone finds her hilarious. She loves being a part of the hustle and bustle and every day is a now a happy one. Blossom had troubles with one of her eyes and the vet recommended it be removed to make her more comfortable. And now she has a cocky little wink to further showcase her personality. We adore this little lady and want nothing more for her than a chance to live in her own home. Her family will be entertained and adored forever.
Cocker Spaniel
25 lbs