Paige came from a home in a small town nearby the shelter and it was clear at the start that the poor baby had been severely abused. She had terrible mange that had gone untreated for so long that she barely had any fur left. She was terrified of people and shied away at our attempts to touch her. She is still very frightened of men but is starting to warm up to the gal folks. It still seems as though every time we approach her she thinks she will be beaten, but Paige is being brave and is slowly starting to believe that she is safe here. The wonderful thing about this precious soul is that she adores the company of the other dogs. She thrives on it. Every time she is out in the yards at recess she parties like there is no tomorrow, sporting the happiness grin and letting go of all of her demons. Paige would love a quiet home that has another dog that is a player. She is a rough and tumble sort, but in the most happy and innocent of ways.
Terrier Mix
13 lbs