Donatella spent the first 8 years of her precious life in a horrific puppy mill in Missouri. She was purchased at an auction by another rescue group but it soon became obvious that Donatella expected more sophisticated accomodations. She threw huge fits when crated and would not tolerate being locked up for one more second. As soon as she arrived at HUA, Donatella became an Official Hallway Wanderer. We have a few of those here. Sometimes we must do whatever is needed for the happiness of a broken soul. Donatella now zips from room to room whenever she wants. She is busy and curious and utterly adorable. That stinking miller never got this darling girl any medical care, and as a result she arrived with low-grade mammary tumors, which have been excised. She will need monitoring to ensure they do not recur. Donatella still plays coy with the humans, but she welcomes a cuddle on her terms. She is a silly little critter who deserves everything good that the world has to offer.
Yorkshire Terrier
11 lbs