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HOMEWARD BOUND - ADOPTED - now living happily in Sidney, IA!

This beautiful girl has not lived a good life, and it's written all over her sweet face. We are told that she was shot by a neighbor and lost her leg as a result. If that were not horrific enough, Aurora went on to live outdoors at the end of a chain. She was brought to HUA because her owner has become ill, and we welcomed this dear soul with open arms. Surprisingly, Aurora is not terrified of human beings. She is cautious and a little bit timid but she does not run from us. Rather, she crouches when we approach as if afraid there will be pain, but soft voices and gentle pats are helping tremendously. She loves the company of other dogs, and those who know we are friends are encouraging her to be happy. We don't think it will take long for precious Aurora to come around and would anticipate a future of many kisses and cuddles.
Homeward Bound
35 lbs