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Homeward bound-adopted!

Now living happily in Plattsmouth, Nebraska.

Bernetta lived in extreme pain for four years at a Nebraska puppy mill. All four of her patellas were so bad that she could barely move. She produced litter after litter of pups sold to unsuspecting buyers who are now dealing with the same problem with those pups. We can only hope they went to good homes who will get them the medical care they no doubt need. Bernetta is a sweet little doll. She is coming to believe that her life can be good, but the operations are tough on her. Her patellas had to be removed because they were on the outside of her knees. She didn't like crate rest and tried so hard to walk in her full leg casts even though she wasn't supposed to. Bernetta will never walk like a normal dog, but her casts are off and she is getting around very well. She hops and leaps through the baby gates in the office when they open so she can dart down the hall and visit her friends. She is a real social butterly, loving to go from room to room playing and making friends. She is a dear, sweet girl and we are so happy that she has a chance to live without pain for the first time in her life. She is very happy now and would love to have her very own home. Bernetta is a female Cockapo. She weighs 11.2 pounds and was born 5/11/05.
12 lbs