Buster Brown

Homeward Bound - Adopted!!

Buster Brown was taken to a local humane society when his people fell on hard times and could no longer care for him. The humane society did not have the time or resources to help Buster, but they couldn't bear to put him to sleep. Buster was just too special. He was only 5 years old, but his problem was that he had a bad case of heartworms. The treatment would be expensive and would take a long time. He would need very special care during his treatment. We were happy to help the humane society, and especially Buster. His treatments are almost done and he is doing remarkably well. He isn't fond of the rest required for his treatment to work, but he seems to understand. Buster is one of the most happy, affable, loving dogs we've ever met. He asked us to tell you that he loves toys and promises to be no trouble at all and be your very best pal ever if you would take him home and love him. That is all he really wants. Buster Brown is a male Dachshund. He was born in 2003 and weighs 15 pounds.
15 lbs