Homeward bound-adopted!

Now living happily in Unadilla, Nebraska.

Caleb won't eat his food in the morning unless you give him a big hug first. He loves to give kisses and is a very loyal, very good companion. Take Caleb down to the play yard and you have one happy guy. Well, Caleb is happy wherever he is, but he really loves the yard and riding in the van. We believe he's a Brittany / Labrador mix which accounts for his beautiful markings and coat. It's a soft as velvet! He gets along with other dogs and loves every person he' ever met. This dog has a heart as big as the Nebraska sky! Spend just an hour with this dog and your face will hurt from smiling and laughing. In many ways, Caleb represents all that is good in dogs. He loves life and will make you enjoy it more too. As long as you give him a hug each morning! Caleb was rescued from a kill shelter in Kansas. We're glad to say he's all Husker now. He is a very special fellow. As Caleb gets older he is getting a little arthritis in his back legs and isn't as strong as he used to be, but he is just as happy and affable as ever. Although we know Caleb loves life at HUA we hope that he may get to live out his remaining years in a home.
Brittney, Labrador Retriever Mix
65 lbs