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HOMEWARD BOUND - ADOPTED - now living happily in Portsmouth, NH!

Cara and her sister Jana were rescued from one of the worst puppy mills in the country. Dogs coming out of that place are close to being feral and many have terrible injuries and illnesses. Cara is physically healthy, but she was emotionally damaged. When she first arrived at HUA she could barely stand to be touched by people. She avoided eye contact at all costs. Now that she has been given some time to decompress and after long conversations with caregivers and volunteers, Cara has decided to come out of her shell. She is still shy when meeting new people, but she is treat motivated and that is helping her to learn. She now loves toys and plays very nicely with the other little dogs. She is a smart girl and it's easy to know who she trusts. We believe Cara will become a devoted family member with a little time and understanding.
Homeward Bound
11 lbs