HOMEWARD BOUND - ADOPTED - now living happily in Omaha, NE!

When people arrived at the shelter one morning, there was a little black dog running in the county road in front of the shelter. He followed cars driving in the lane, and we knew he was really looking for human assistance. A lot of people tried to communicate with him, but it took John and Eartha to convince him that he should come on in and let us take care of him. Eartha engages stray dogs in play, and John figures out how best to get them into a safe place to work with them. Fergus is really not at all afraid of people. He was just wary of the unknown, and after being dropped off here, that was, no doubt, a wise thing. He is a very good, all-around dog who knows many things, loves people and plays well with other dogs. He will be a fine companion in a new home and never be thrown out again.
Homeward Bound
20 lbs