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HOMEWARD BOUND - ADOPTED - now living happily in Ralston, NE!

Lorraine is one absolutely breathtakingly beautiful animal. Top that off with the best of all mixed breeds (Golden Retriever and Labrador) and she makes for an awesome dog. She was in a home once and wants so badly to be back with a family of her own. Lorraine adores other dogs, loves kids and takes care of her stuffed animals like they are her own babies. She is sweet and cuddly, smart and gentle. Something bad must have happened to this wonderful girl when she was younger as she can get a little spooky over things like reflections and shadows . We have no idea why this is but we redirect her if she becomes too focused and she can be swayed with one of her stuffed little friends or a walk around the campus. Lorraine is such a lovely companion and so eager to please. One could not wish for a better family dog.
Homeward Bound
89 lbs