HOMEWARD BOUND - ADOPTED - now living happily in Portsmouth, NH!

Mariel hitched a ride with a wonderful volunteer who was driving from Houston to Omaha and kindly offered to transport a few dogs. Mariel had been in a shelter that was making room for dogs affected by Hurricane Harvey. She rode in the front seat the whole way to Omaha--pristine, ladylike, and grateful. This girl is amazing. She has been to a few adoption events and behaved very nicely. She loves the big yards at the shelter and explores until she needs some love. She has a sweet, gentle way of climbing upon people for affection. It is so delicate that we don't even bother correcting this behavior. Mariel knows some commands, does great on her leash, and loves going for long walks. Although a little lip curling has been observed when Mariel has met bigger dogs, she is very nice to her roommate and the other smaller dogs at HUA. She is a beautiful, loving, smart girl who will adore being part of a family.
Homeward Bound
36 lbs