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Homeward bound-adopted!

Now living happily in Aurora, Colorado.

Moose is a lover! (We note that his daily caregivers underlined the word lover 3 times and put extra exclamation points behind it). He is such a happy, charming fellow. He loves to snuggle with people and loves to give and receive kisses. Moose has one of the most lovely personalities ever. His happiness is contagious. He wakes up happy and goes to sleep happy. He greets new people with enthusiasm, just knowing they must have good things in store for him. He is a silly, funny boy who loves to play, investigate, have his tummy rubbed and just generally goof around like a class clown. Moose came from a home where the people had to give him up due to odd circumstances. They were devastated to see him go and asked us to promise them we would find him a wonderful home. We think that won't be hard to do as Moose is one of the best dogs we've ever met. He is house trained, knows to sit and even stays a little (until the Dachshund wiggles get the best of him). He gets along fabulously with other dogs and is a pure lover and entertainer. Moose misses having a family of his own and would desperately love to be in a home environment again soon.
20 lbs