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HOMEWARD BOUND - ADOPTED - now living happily in Chicago, IL!

Ponch and his best buddy Brianne were bewildered to find themselves in a shelter in Iowa after living in a home for their entire lives. That was no place for two tiny Chihuahuas who knew nothing of the world. Upon arriving at HUA these two sweet, sweet angels settled in with such relief. Ponch is very handsome, and so kind to Brianne. When she is feeling insecure he has no problem with her being attached at the hip. Wherever Ponch goes, Bri goes, and he is fine with that. He enjoys his visits to the sunporch at lunchtime with there is no shortage of human laps and the occasional tasty tidbit shared with him. Ponch and Brianne keep a clean house together and would only need a little reassurance as to potty training. We would prefer that these two darlings be adopted together as they have never known life without one another.
Homeward Bound
6 lbs