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HOMEWARD BOUND - ADOPTED - now living happily in Omaha, Nebraska!

Princess is an adorable, loving little terrier girl. She came from a home where the people loved her very much but they did not have time for her. She loves people dearly and is a sensitive little girl. She was devastated to come to the shelter. She loves to lay on her back in a persons arms and have her tummy and chest rubbed. She is the prettiest, sweetest little girl in the world!! She is so devoted. She attaches herself to her people with total adoration. She is one smart cookie. She thinks she is the police with other dogs. If they are doing something not likely appreciated by the humans she will be the first to tell on them, nudge them with her nose, squeal around about the illegal activity going on. Otherwise, she does fine with other dogs at the shelter. She is good with house manners and could learn just about anything a person wants to teach her. She is a grand little dog. Princess is a female terrier. She was born in June of 2004 and weighs 15 pounds.
Homeward Bound
15 lbs