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HOMEWARD BOUND - ADOPTED - now living happily in Markell, NE!

Tristan was one of 38 dogs rescued from the flood zones of Louisiana in October 2016. He's a super handsome young man who loves hanging out with the ladies. Something in him tells us that life may have been hard for him prior to coming to HUA. He wants to please and wants to trust and wants to love but he holds back just a little bit. Perhaps he was a victim of neglect or abuse but he is not afraid of people, just a tad aloof at times. He is very happy when he is running in the fields and was quite cooperative during his photo session. We think this good boy would thrive in a home and bond quickly with people he recognizes to be his family. A little confidence is all he needs to become the carefree soul we know he can be.
Homeward Bound
27 lbs