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Alfalfa was rescued from a horrific puppy mill in Iowa. He was kept in a makeshift rusty cage that hung from the ceiling. His water was slimy, his cage was disgusting and there was a shotgun on top of it, indicating the fate that many dogs had already met. All of the dogs rescued that day were completely feral and terrified of humans. Alfalfa, although only a few months old at the time, had been permanently emotionally scarred. He has been at the HUA shelter for years and has not ever learned to trust people. Alfalfa is one of those dogs who just cannot ever get over the bad things that happened to him. Although he does not trust humans he has come to be comfortable and love his life at the sanctuary. He naps in the sunroom all day and will run up to people long enough to grab a snack, which has taken years to accomplish. Human interaction is not forced on him, as it causes him great distress. Alfalfa is a sweet fellow who very much appreciates the gift of living life on his own terms so that he can feel safe. He takes comfort in his dog pals and enjoys the time he spends with them running around the big yards and sleeping the day away on soft cozy beds.
16 lbs