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Anemone was rescued at a puppy mill auction in Arkansas along with 54 other dogs. They all sweltered in the summer and froze in the winter in a converted hog confinement with only plastic tarps for walls. Anemone was in the worst shape of all of the dogs. She was filthy, matted and in a state of constant panic and sheer terror when humans tried to touch her or even come near her. After many years at the HUA shelter Anemone still has great fear in her heart. She loves the company of other dogs and only trusts the people who care for her daily as long as they don't force any unwanted touching upon her. She loves her life at HUA, able to live it on her own terms in a way that makes her comfortable. She loves laying in the sun and snuggling with her best dog pals. We will never know exactly what happened to Anemone, but we are glad that she is with us at Hearts United for Animals where she can be be content and happy.
19 lbs