Dolly Wheaten

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Dolly came from a backyard breeder in South Dakota. She was rescued by a breed rescue group. She tried and tried to learn to trust people, but she just could not bring herself to do it. After several months in foster homes, and several bites, she came to HUA to become a Sanctuary Sweetheart. Dolly is not at all vicious. She is just very fearful of people and thinks she needs to protect herself from harm. We cannot imagine what happened to Dolly to make her this terribly afraid of people. Dolly has the luxury of living life on her own terms at HUA. Nothing is forced on her. She is comfortable and happy. She has made small steps in learning to trust with people who are very, very gentle with her, but she still prefers to be left alone with her dog friends where she feels comfortable and safe.
Wheaten Terrier
41 lbs