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Hero came to HUA when he was just one year old. Already, he had been in three different homes, one of which was utter horror. Hero had been severely abused and suffered brain damage, possibly from violent kicks to his tiny head. At first, he was unable to walk, but after physical therapy and lots of practice, he became mobile. His little paws still slide our from under him from time to time, but he likes roaming the hallways demanding treats from his caregivers. But Hero has another big problem. He has unexpected and unexplained horrible biting fits. It's not that he hates people, it's that he doesn't trust them one bit. People who visit the shelter see this adorable little sprite and think to pick him up for a cuddle. This is always met with a round of "DON'T DO IT!" from people who know him. Hero has shown much improvement, but he still wants no human contact. Leaning down to give him a scratch behind the ears may cause loss of fingers. Hero has survived a past filled with pain caused by humans, and he's not apt to forgive, perhaps ever. We are very protective of this tiny little fighter and will keep him safe and loved here at Hearts United for Animals forever. We will ask nothing of him and have no expectations of him. He will live life on his terms and be provided everything he could ever want or need, including those tasty treats he so covets.
Yorkshire Terrier
5 lbs