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Louie is a very sweet boy who loves people with all of his big heart. Louie has had an amazing journey in the past 5 years. He was rescued as a puppy from Hurricane Katrina. Soon after he was adopted to a family who loved him very much. Louie grew up adoring his family, his house and especially the children. As the children grew older they started to have friends over quite a bit. Louie became protective of his loved ones and the family became too busy to spend time with him and work with him to teach him that visitors are OK. Louie has now been at the shelter for a long time, and he considers his beloved caregivers and volunteers his family. He is set in his ways, and a disruption in the environment he counts on would be detrimental. Louie doesn't have to worry about protecting anyone from anything -- his only job is to enjoy the many belly rubs and ear scratches given to him by humans who adore him. He can have as many conversations with the other dogs in his condo without having to share his things because Louie prefers to live alone. Louie has everything he needs here at HUA, and he is a happy, carefree, much loved sweetheart.
Sanctuary Sweethearts
50 lbs