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Pixie had a home when she was a baby, but at just three years old she found herself in the emergency room due to a marble stuck in her little innards. Her family did not want her to have surgery, so HUA was called to provide the life-saving funds. After she was well and brought to the shelter, it became apparent that this feisty little sprite needed a huge yard in order to hop and zoom as much as she wanted. Pixie is a wild child that loves being allowed to wander as she wishes, so the decision was made to bring her to a foster home with 17 fenced in acres. She is the cutest thing in the world, and she still runs like crazy every chance she gets. Her best friend is Sanctuary Sweetheart, Cookie Monster, and the two of them wrestle and chase each other all day long. Pixie is adored in her permanent foster home, and very spoiled by her family. Everyone remarks on how cute and happy she is. She will live there forever, chasing rabbits, snatching treats, making mischief with Cookie, and being doted upon by the humans who cherish her.
Sanctuary Sweethearts
6 lbs