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Rascal came from a terrible puppy mill near the Wyoming border. Rescuers had to fight their way through a field of weeds that were taller than they were to get to the dogs. The dogs were in a dilapidated barn living in disgusting hay filled cages with little food or water. They sweltered in the summer and had a single light bulb hanging over them in the winter to keep them warm. There were no old dogs, as all of the older ones had already perished in the harsh conditions. Rascal was one of 23 pugs rescued that day. The puppy miller grabbed him and swung him around wildly by the scruff of the neck as he screamed for his life. This was her typical way of handling the dogs. It took months of patience and kindness to teach them that humans would not be mean to them, but poor little Rascal just was too emotionally damaged to ever believe it. Humans terrify him completely. The good news is that Rascal is happy to be at Hearts United for Animals. He gets to live life on his own terms and he has a job that he takes very seriously. He is protector, seeing eye dog and big brother to his very best pal, Turner Dachshund. Turner was also rescued from a terrible puppy mill. He was beaten with a shovel causing permanent injury to his back, and he is blind. He is as afraid of people as Rascal. Rascal makes it his mission to comfort his pal and protect him. They are happy to live together as roommates and best friends where they now know peace and happiness and take comfort in one another. They get to live life on their own terms and for the two of them life is finally good.
23 lbs