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Suki is an energetic, outspoken, funny, playful little girl. She came from a home where the people fell on hard times and could no longer care for her. She fancies herself the supervisor of all other dogs and likes to let them know when their behavior is not to her liking. Because of her self-designated title of ruler of the planet, month after month and year after year Suki was overlooked for adoption. It also did not help that she would have extreme panic attacks during thunder storms. We would know bad weather was coming before there was any sign that humans could detect, as Suki would continuously body slam the door of the sun room where the rain on the metal roof scared her. That was soon overcome with her Thundershirt. When Suki becomes scared all we have to say is "Suki, shirt" and she goes stand by the shelf where she knows her Wonder Woman garment is kept. Once she has it on she becomes invincible to all disasters, natural or man made - including those ever so frightening rain drops. Super Suki lays on her favorite chair as the rain falls, calm but ready to leap into action and scare off all intruders, human or canine. Suki has come regard her favorite people at HUA as family and would be devastated to leave them, so this happy, sassy super hero will stay forever.
11 lbs