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In May of 2014, when Walker was eight years old, he was rescued from a puppy mill frequently listed on the HSUS Top Horrible Hundred puppy mill report. He tested positive for heart worm disease and his teeth were so decayed and infected that some were dangling from his gums. Worse yet, his jaw had been shattered by blunt force trauma. Emergency surgery was needed in order to save his life. Once his jaw was healed, doctors focused on Walker's heart worm disease. His heart was so badly infested that it took three rounds of treatment to eradicate the worms. Some months later it was discovered that Walker had developed a heart murmur, and he must take medication for the rest of his life to manage that. Late in 2017, Walker stopped eating. Emergency blood work indicated abnormal kidney values, raised liver enzymes, and anemia. After all this darling dog had survived, we were afraid this time we would lose him. But Walker decided that it was not yet his time, and he overcame the latest scare like a champ. He was moved into the HUA office where he can be under constant human watch. He is the happiest little old man around. Weekends are spent with his favorite volunteers in the Homeward Building, and his two lady friends and protectors, Little Lady and Emma. Walker's life, that started so very badly, is now a wonderful one. As a Sanctuary Sweetheart, he will stay here at the shelter where he will always be cherished beyond measure.
7 lbs