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Buddy Messages (3)
His buddy, Beth Vandenburg from Early, IA, sent him this message:

"Hi sweet little Sammy! I am donating to your care in memory of my beloved dog Tiko who looked a lot like you! Tiko passed away in February after we had nearly 18 wonderful years together. I hope you will find a forever family who will love you as much as I loved my little Tiko!"

Sammy sends hugs and kisses to Beth!
His buddy, Christina Vasta from La Vista, NE, sent him this message:

"My hope is to adopt you! I will pray for you either way."

Sammy sends Christina kisses of gratitude!
His buddy, Melissa Wrenn from High Point, NC, sent him this message:

"I hope this will assist with your care. I'm going to be sending you and your canine friends some new toys to play with that are just loved by our Chihuahuas. Sending much love to you because you are awesome."

Sammy sends hugs and kisses to Melissa!